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Chairman General Manager
Khaled Zeidan

Khaled Zeidan is the Founder and Chairman/General Manager of Capital EE. Khaled brings more than 25 years of experience in investment advisory and financial markets. Mr. Zeidan founded Gen X Management Partners, managing a USD 48 million telecom fund “MIC Ventures” sponsored by the Ministry of Telecommunications and the Mobile Operators in Lebanon. He is also the Chairman and General Manager of Banque de Crédit National SAL. Prior to founding Capital EE SAL in 2017, Mr. Zeidan was the Executive General Manager of MedSecurities Investment SAL (MSI) for over 12 years. He was also a Board Member for several funds including Impact Fund, Azure Fund, Building Blocks Fund, B & Y Ventures and Med All Cap Fund. Mr. Zeidan also served on the Advisory Board of Anghami. Prior to MedSecurities Investment, he founded Synergy Capital Advisors and served as Deputy Manager of Business Development at Groupe Société Générale Lebanon. He also served as Vice president of Capital Markets at Arab Finance Corporation. Mr. Zeidan earned a Bachelor in Economics & Finance from McGill University - Montreal, Canada.